About hoax.tech

hoax.tech is a intelligent cloaking service with JS-fingerprinting. Used in affiliate marketing for real-time traffic filtering and processing according to user-defined rules.

The service instantly analyzes the traffic by various indicators such as residence, traffic source, device type, device language, operating system type, and dozens of other parameters.

Using the unique algorithm developed by our experts, undesired visitors are detected. The system doesn`t allow them to access the targeted page, redirecting them to the other safe for the scanning page.

Your settings can determine the undesired visitors, such as bots, ad network moderators, web crawlers from antivirus services and search engines, users from specific countries, time zones, IP subnets, entering the website using particular devices, and more.

The heart of our platform is the exclusive Matchex® technology which we created with machine learning algorithms. It allows us to achieve impressive results in detecting advanced bots and ad network moderators indistinguishable from ordinary users.