• What is the purpose of hoax.tech

    The service filters traffic in real-time mode (cloaking). hoax.tech analyzes the traffic by various indicators such as residence, traffic source, device type, device language, operating system type, and dozens of other parameters. The unique algorithm detects undesired visitors, not allowing them to access the targeted page. It redirects them to the other safe for the scanning page.

  • How is the traffic blocked, and what threats can I protect myself from?

    Your settings can determine the undesired visitors, such as bots, ad network moderators, web crawlers from antivirus services and search engines, users from specific countries, time zones, IP subnets, entering the website using particular devices, and more.

  • What makes hoax.tech stand out over other cloaking services?

    Unlike many other services, hoax.tech uses JavaScript fingerprinting, which scans browser-based device prints such as screen resolution, operating system, language settings, active plugins, and hundreds of other dynamic settings to detect advanced bots and moderators more precisely. Matchex® system is integrated into hoax.tech, which uses a machine learning method based on continuous self-learning, analyzing digital print parameters in various variations inherent in hundreds of thousands of visitors. Massive data accumulated for a long time is updated with new prints every second. It allows us to find the standard features among the most sophisticated bots, most of which don’t stand out from the mass when viewed individually. The key aspect is that JavaScript fingerprinting and the Matchex® system are offered in the beginner subscription plan. hoax.tech uses leading technologies, and it is the best by the ratio between price and quality in the market.

  • Is there a redirect in the cloaking?

    Every visitor arrives at the "white" page, initially (the page for bots and moderators). If he’s determined as a targeted visitor, redirecting to the "black" page is triggered (the offer page for your clients). Otherwise, the visitor stays on a “white” page.

  • Do I need a third-party server to configure the cloaking?

    Yes, you do. hoax.tech PHP and JavaScript are posted on your server along with the "white" page (website for bots and moderators).

  • Do I need any technical skills to use the service?

    No, you don’t. Configuration is elementary, and you can do it on your own in a matter of minutes using the instruction manual or with the help of our technical support specialists.

  • Where can I find the configuration instructions?

    You can get familiar with filtering settings here.

  • What kind of technical support do you offer?

    We have a chat for telegram users @hoax_tech, support specialists in telegram @hoaxtech, and @hoaxtech_team. Our support team is always online and can be reached by email: support@hoax.tech

  • Are there any restrictions on the number of clicks?

    No, there aren’t any!

  • Does hoax.tech support ipv6 addresses?

    Yes. Our service supports ipv6 addresses.